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4 Spindle Excellon Machine 
ORC Exposing Machine  
Plating Line
PCB Manufacturing
          Product & Standards
              Product Range                 Single Side & Double Side
              Maximum No. of Layers                 2 Layers
              Approval / Certification                 UL, File no. E304660
              Internal Quality Standard                 IPC-A-600G (Acceptability of printed board)
                  IPC-A-6012B (Qualification & Performance Spec.
                  For Rigid Printed Circuit Board)
           Production Capability
               Board Thickness                 0.60-3.20mm
               Minimum Track Width                 0.175mm
               Minimum Conductor Spacing                 0.175mm
               Minimum Hole Size                 0.4mm
               Platted Copper Thickness                 25-35 microns
               Minimum Slot Width                 0.80 mm
               Copper Clad Laminate Grade                  FR-4, CEM-1, Polymide
               Copper Clad Thickness                  18um, 35um, 70um and 105um
            PCB Contour Finishes
                CNC Routing                   Yes
                V- Scoring                   Yes
                Pin Routing                   Yes
                Chamfering                   Yes
            Surface Finish
                Photo Imageable Solder Mask                   Yes
                Peelable Solder Mask                   Yes
                Electroless Ni-Gold                   Yes
                Immersion Tin                   Yes
                Immersion Silver                   Yes
                RoHS Compliant                   Yes
            Electrical Testing
                Test Voltage                   30V to 250V
                Short Circuit Test Resistance                   22~250 Mega Ohm
                Open Circuit Test Resistance                   3 Ohm~80 Ohm
                Testing Current                   30mA~200mA
                Flying Probe Test                   Yes
                Test Points                   2048
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